Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Know What?

I don't know much about Conviction beyond the seven inch being on Watermark. And since it's on Watermark, it's a "must own."

I'm sure someone can fill in the blanks.

Conviction. Mike. Used.


Buske said...

Jim Winters fame. He went on to be a fill-in guitar player for Earth Crisis, even losing his spleen in the process when their van crashed and Jim went flying out a window. Would later play with Starkweather, Turmoil (with Conviction drummer Jon Pushnik), as well as The Promise. Also recorded bass on the Believer "Dimensions" record. A truly gifted human being... in more ways than one.

Buske said...

He also, most recently, played with Kiss It Goodbye at the Rev 25 shows.

Handsome Pete said...

He was the one person I thought was in the band (I think the sleeve only has first names).

I grew up in Southeast Pennsylvania and somehow missed their entire existence.

jxw said...

Side note: I played guitar for Despair on the first Euro tour.

RE: Believer - Dimensions.
Had my hands (literally) on most of the leads and i think at least 60% of those riffs were things i came up with, excluding that Trilogy thing but... I guess if you're into one you may like the other.