Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Older Sounds

Girls Against Boys - You Can't Fight What You Can't See. AKA Music. Used.

Ignite - Call On My Brothers. AKA Music. Used.

Supertouch - The Earth Is Flat. Used.

Joan of Arc - The Gap. AKA Music. Used.

Ministry - Twitch. AKA Music. Used.


Ryan said...

No comment? I need some notes on The Gap! I just culled my CDs the other day and it was one of five JoA keepers. Rape Fantasy and the one with the eggs on the cover bit the dust.

Handsome Pete said...

I honestly can't decide if I like Joan of Arc or not. I really liked the first seven inch. But I've been "meh" on everything else. I grabbed this in an effort to revisit. I'm still "meh."