Friday, September 13, 2013

You And

Cathy really likes You and I. I think there are a lot of people that really like You and I. This seven inch might have been the first time I really listened to them.

You and I - The First Seven Inch. Mike. Used.


TJK said...

1000 years from now, anthropologists will puzzle over the mystery of You and I. They were short lived, not wildly popular when they were around (not wildly unpopular, either, but I saw them a couple of times and I don't remember the crowds being exceptionally large or the reaction especially intense), and yet seem to have wide influence.

Not uncommon, obviously, for many many influential bands. But by all logic, You and I should have been forgotten long ago, yet it seems like they endure.

I wasn't especially fond of them.

Handsome Pete said...

That's a great way of explaining them.

I find alot of the people who are into them - my girlfriend included - seem to have a more marginal interest in hardcore.

I have this one record that I got from my friend. But otherwise I don't think I'd ever own anything by them.