Thursday, March 14, 2013

Swing And a Miss

The first time I listened to Trial was only within the past few years. I had friends who loved them, but I had never heard them or bothered to hear them.

At first I thought maybe they existed during one of my hardcore "down times." But they didn't. This release came out when I was fully immersed in that world.

Was it because they were from Seattle? No. I was listening plenty of stuff from the Pacific Northwest.

I just missed it. Missed them as a band. Which I've come to realize was my loss. Because they're pretty great.

Trial - Through the Darkest Days. Mike. Used.


TJK said...

Never got them until "Are These Our Lives?" came out. That record pummels and they killed it live. I think by that time they had already decided to break up.

Handsome Pete said...

I really can't figure out how I missed hearing them entirely. Wasn't Adeet a big fan?