Sunday, February 17, 2013

In 2013

It's feels very strange listening to a new My Bloody Valentine record after all of these years.

Between Loveless and m b v I would buy anything with a whiff of Kevin Shields on it.

Produced by Kevin Shields? (The Beat Up.) Buy it. Remixed by Kevin Shields? (If They Move, Kill 'Em.) Buy it. Sometime band member? (Primal Scream.) Buy it (I would have been buying that regardless). Soundtrack with Kevin Shields (Lost In Translation.) Buy it.

That formula even extended beyond Kevin Shields. (Snowpony.) Buy it.

It's good. It's very good. But I can't help but feel a little underwhelmed. I've been waiting for this follow up for over twenty years. That can make for some lofty expectations. Maybe I wanted that feeling I got when my fourteen year old self heard Loveless for the first time. But as I've learned with most of these "reunion" releases, it's never as good the second time around.

Hyper-criticism aside, I must be liking it because I've now spent $57.00 on this album. I initially bought the digital only because I thought the vinyl and compact disc prices with shipping were a bit high. Then a day later I kicked myself for not ordering the vinyl. So I went to do that. Which includes the compact disc. And a second digital release.

So if anyone wants that second digital release, let me know.

My Bloody Valentine - m b v. My Bloody Valentine Web Store.

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