Sunday, February 19, 2012


Walter Carlos no longer exists / He's in Elysium
But let us imagine him in our space-time continuum.
Walter Carlos!
International transsexual composer of that glorious epoch,
The high analogue synthesizer / Baroque!

He is now to be / Known as Wendy
Had a gender operation done
Just after making Switched on Bach, Volume 1

And when travelling through time is possible,
Wendy can enter a wormhole and go back to the future to marry Walter
A few baroque summers earlier
A couple of models of Moog back in time

(Sung in a round: Fine fine fine / In the summertime / Singing tra-la-la-la-la / And be fine in another time)

Einstein informs us
That when time travel is finally possible,
There will be no returning to periods previous to the point at which time travel first became possible!

So like Walter Carlos until such time as it's feasible,
We'll have to restrict time travel to the realm of the musical.

Wendy Carlos - Digital Moonscapes. Used.

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